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vit us

vita -ae f. [life].

vitabilis -e [that can or should be avoided].

vitabundus -a -um [trying to avoid].

vitalis -e [of life , vital; living, surviving]; adv. vitaliter, [vitally].

vitatio -onis f. [avoiding , shunning].

Vitellius -a -um [the name of a Roman gens]; Aulus Vitellius , [the Roman emperor who succeeded Otho (A.D. 69)].

vitellus -i m. [the yolk of an egg].

viteus -a -um [of a vine].

viticula -ae f. [a little vine].

vitifer -fera -ferum [vine-bearing].

vitigenus -a -um [produced from the vine].

vitio -are [to injure , damage, corrupt; to forge, falsify].

vitiositas -atis f. [viciousness , corruption].

vitiosus -a -um [faulty , corrupt, bad, wrong]; adv. vitiose.

vitis -is f. [a vine; a centurion's staff].

vitisator -oris m. [one who plants vines].

vitium -i n. [a fault , defect, blemish; crime, vice]; relig. [a defect in auguries or auspices].

vito -are [to avoid , shun].

vitreus -a -um [of glass; glassy , transparent, glittering].

vitricus -i m. [a stepfather].

vitrum -i n. (1) [glass]. (2) [woad , a plant producing a blue dye].

vitta -ae f. [a ribbon , band, fillet].

vittatus -a -um [bound with a fillet].

vitula -ae f. [calf , heifer].

vitulinus -a -um [of a calf]; 'assum' , [roast veal]; f. as subst. [veal].

vitulus -i m. [a bull-calf]; also of the young of other animals.

vituperabilis -e [blamable].

vituperatio -onis f. [blaming , scolding, censure]; meton. [blameworthy conduct].

vituperator -oris m. [a blamer].

vitupero -are [to blame , scold, censure].

a *us          1   masc sing nom  
n *us          : masc. acc. pl. 4
n *us          : masc. nom. sing. 2 
n *us          : neut. acc. sing. 3
n *us          : masc. nom. pl. 4
n *us          : neut. nom. sing. 3
n *us          : masc. nom. sing. 4
n *us          : neut. gen. sing. 4
n *us          : masc. gen. sing. 4

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