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sic [so , thus, in this way; like this, as follows; in that case, with this limitation]; leading up to consecutive clause, [so much, to such a degree]; interrog. sicine, [it is thus that?].

sica -ae f. [dagger , dirk, poniard].

Sicani -orum m. pl. [an ancient people of Sicily]; adj. Sicanus and Sicanius -a -um , [Sicilian]; subst. Sicania -ae, f. [Sicily].

sicarius -i m. [an assassin , murderer].

siccitas -atis f. [dryness , drought; sound health]; of style, [plainness, simplicity].

sicco -are [to make dry , to dry; to stanch; to drain].

siccus -a -um [dry; thirsting , thirsty]; of health, [sound; sober, temperate]; of style, [plain, simple]; adv. sicce.

Sicilia -ae f.; see Siculi.

sicine see sic.

sicubi [if anywhere].

Siculi -orum m. pl. [the Sicilians]; adj. Siculus -a -um , [Sicilian]; subst. Sicilia -ae, f. [Sicily].

sicunde [if from anywhere].

sicut and sicuti [as , just as; as for example; as it were]; with verb in subj. [just as if].

Sicyon -onis f. [a city in the Peloponnese]; adj. Sicyonius -a -um , [Sicyonian]; n. pl. as subst. [a kind of soft shoes from Sicyon].

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