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mal nity/

mala -ae f. [cheekbone , jawbone; jaw, cheek].

malacia -ae f. [a calm at sea].

malacus -a -um [soft , pliable; effeminate, delicate].

maledico -dicere -dixi -dictum (sometimes separately male dico) , [to speak ill, abuse]; pres. partic. maledicens -entis, [abusive]; n. of perf. partic. as subst. maledictum -i, [cursing, abusive language].

maledictio -onis f. [reviling , abuse].

maledicus -a -um [abusive , scurrilous]; adv. maledice.

malefacio -facere -feci -factum (sometimes separately male facio) , [to injure]; n. of perf. partic. as subst. malefactum -i, [an ill deed, injury].

malefactor -oris m. [an evil-doer].

maleficium -i n. [wrongdoing; mischief].

maleficus -a -um [evil-doing , mischievous]; adv. malefice.

malesuadus -a -um [ill-advising , seductive].

malevolens -entis [spiteful , ill-disposed].

malevolentia -ae f. [ill-will , spite, malice].

malevolus -a -um [ill-disposed , spiteful, malicious].

malifer -fera -ferum [apple-bearing].

malignitas -atis f. [ill-nature , malignity, spite; stinginess].

malignus -a -um [ill-disposed , wicked]; esp. [stingy, niggardly; barren, unfruitful; stinted, scanty]. Adv. maligne.

malitia -ae f. [badness , wickedness, vice]; esp. [craft, cunning, malice].

malitiosus -a -um [wicked; crafty , roguish, knavish]; adv. malitiose.

malleolus -i m. [a little hammer; a kind of fire-dart].

malleus -i m. [a hammer , mallet, poleaxe].

malo malle malui [to wish rather , prefer]; with dative of person, [to be more favorable to].

malobathrum -i n. [a plant , from which ointment was prepared].

malum (1) -i n.; see malus(1).

malum (2) -i n. [an apple , or other similar fruit].

malus (1) -a -um: comp. peior -us; superl. pessimus -a -um [bad , evil (physically or morally); unfavorable, unsuccessful, ugly]. N. as subst. malum -i, [an evil; harm, disaster; punishment]; as a term of abuse, [scoundrel]. Adv. male; compar. peius; superl. pessime, [badly, ill]; 'male audire', [to be ill spoken of]; [unsuccessfully, unfortunately]; with words bad in sense, [bitterly, excessively]; with words of favorable sense, with negative force, e.g. 'male gratus', [unthankful].

malus (2) -i f. [an apple tree].

malus (3) -i m. [the mast of a ship; an upright , pole].

malva -ae f. [the mallow].

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