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machin a

machina -ae f. [a machine , contrivance; a crane, windlass, catapult, ballista]. Transf. [fabric; a device, trick, stratagem].

machinamentum -i n. [machine , instrument].

machinatio -onis f. [contrivance , machinery, mechanism; device, machination].

machinator -oris m. [a maker of machines , engineer; a deviser, contriver].

machinor -ari dep. [to contrive , invent, devise].

a *a      1    fem  sing abl 
a *a      1    neut plur acc 
a *a      1    neut plur nom 
a *a      1    fem  sing nom 
n *a           neut. nom. pl. 2 
n *a           fem. nom. sing. 1 
n *a      : neut. acc. pl. 2 
n *a      : fem. abl. sing. 1 
n *a           neut. acc. pl. 
v *a       1 sing. pres. imperative act. :  (you) GO!
a *ae          1   fem  plur nom 
a *ae          1   fem  sing gen 
a *ae          1   fem  sing dat 
n *ae     : fem. dat. sing. 1 
n *ae     : fem. nom. pl. 1 
n *ae     : fem. gen. sing. 1 
a *am          1   fem  sing acc 
v *am      3-5 1p ft act ind  I shall see, I shall be seeing.  
v *am      2-5 1p pr act sub  I might see, I would be seeing.
v *amus    1 1p pr act ind  you and I see, we do see, we are seeing 
v *amus    2-5 1p pr act sub  were we to see, we might see, we would
v *ant     1   3p pr act ind  they see, they do see, they are seeing
v *ant     2-5 3p pr act sub  they might see, should they see.
a *arum   1   fem  plur gen 
n *arum   : fem. gen. pl. 1 
a *as          1   fem  plur acc 
n *as     : fem. acc. pl. 1 
v *as      2-5 2s pr act sub  you might see, you might be seeing.
v *as      1   2s pr act ind  you see, you do see, you are seeing. 
v *at      1   3s pr act ind  the X sees, he does see, she is seeing
v *at      2-5 3s pr act sub  he might see, he would be seeing.
v *ate     1   pl. pres. imperative act. :  (you all) GO!
v *atis    2-5 2p pr act sub  you all would see, were you all to s.
v *atis    1   2p pr act ind  you all see, you all are seeing.

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