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lego (1) -are [to ordain , appoint]; of persons, [to make a deputy, delegate authority to]; of property, [to bequeath, leave as a legacy].M. of partic. legatus -i, [a deputy]; polit., [an ambassador, envoy, or the deputy of a magistrate]; milit., [a subordinate commander], esp. [a commander of a legion]. N. legatum -i, [a legacy, bequest].

lego (2) legere legi lectum [to collect , gather, pick, pick up]; 'fila', [to wind up, spin]; 'vela', [to furl]; of places, [to pass through, traverse, coast along]; with the eyes, [to survey, scan, read, peruse]; out of a number, [to pick out, choose, select]. Hence partic. lectus -a -um, [chosen, selected; choice, excellent].

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