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et as adv. , [also, even]; as conj., [and; and indeed]; in narrative, [and then]; occasionally adversative, [and yet]; after alius, idem, par, [as or than]; repeated, [both....and...]; so; nec (neque), [not only not....but]

etenim [for indeed].

etesiae -arum m. pl. [winds which blow after the dogdays , Etesian winds].

ethologus -i m. [a mimic].

etiam (1) [as yet , still]; etiam atque etiam, [again and again].(2) [also, besides, even]; 'non solum (or modo)...sed (or verum) etiam', [not only... but also]; with comparatives, [still]. (3) in answers, [yes, certainly]. (4) in questions, expressing incredulity, [actually? really ?].

etiamnum and etiamnunc [yet , still, till now].

etiamsi [even if , although].

etiamtum and etiamtunc [even then , till that time, till then].

Etruria -ae f. [a district in northwest Italy]; hence adj. and subst. Etruscus -a -um , [Etruscan, an Etruscan].

etsi [even if , although]; elliptically, [and yet, notwithstanding].

etymologia -ae f. [etymology].

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